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Fruit trees : Mango,MNG,chito melon

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Fruit trees : Mango,MNG,chito melon

Fruit trees : Mango,MNG,chito melon


  • Common Name:Mango,MNG,chito melon
  • Scientific Name:Mangifera indica Linn
  • Genus:Mangifera L.
  • Species:Mangifera indica L. (=M. mekongensis)
  • Family:
  • Origin:
  • Season:
  • Varieties:Jinhuang mango,Tainong mango,Kate mango,Hongxiangya Mango
  • Details:The mango is a tropical evergreen tree belonging to the genus Mangifera in the family of Anacardiaceae. It is a famous tropical fruit native to India and Malaysia. It is very popular and called “king of tropical fruits” because of its delicate flesh and unique flavor. There are different species of mangos in the world with different sizes, shapes, colors, fibre contents and kernel sizes.
    The mango has fantastic color, aroma and flavor with abundant nutrients. It has the function of tonifying stomach, quenching thirst and dieresis. The fruit is juicy and delicious which can be processed into syrup canned products, candied fruit, wine, dried fruits, jams or jellies. The mango trees are the most-widely used plants in the world for a green environment.
    Varieties and characteristics of the mango:
  • 1.Jinhuang mango: It is the self-fertile variety from Taiwan. The trees are strong with high and big crowns as well as big and sparse flowers. The fruits are extraordinarily big with thin kernels. The mango is sweet and juicy with no content of fibre, which can be stored for a long time. It is 1200g for a single fruit weight. When the mangos get ripe, skin color turns orange. It contains 17% of sugar with high quality and good marketable character. It belongs to the medium variety, and has the function of anti-anthrax. It has been introduced into our nursery garden as a good and new variety in recent years.
  • 2.Tainong mango: This early maturing variety originates from Taiwan. The crowns of the trees are very strong and booming. These erected trees blossom out early with a comparatively long florescence. It has a wide adaptability and is anti-anthrax. The fruit is in medium size and the average weight is 250-300g. It has smooth and delicate pulp which is juicy and sweet. It tastes sweet and fleshing with a little fibre and 20% of sugar. This variety is very popular among the merchants and consumers because of its high quality and good marketable characters. This variety has become one of the main focuses of our nursery garden and has a very prosperous future for development.
  • 3.Kate mango: The trees of this species grow very fast and the fruits are egg-shaped. The sunny side of the peel is light green and the neak is light red. The average weight of this late maturing variety is 680g. The fruits have thin peels and small kernels with fleshy pulp which is like the orange with a sugar content of 17%. The mature period is from August to mid-September.
  • 4.Hongxiangya mango: This variety grows vigorously with flourishing branches and leaves. The slightly bent fruits are long-circle-shaped with light green peels. The sunny side of the peel is bright red during the maturing period and whole appearance is very beautiful. Its fruit is big and the average weight is about 500g with 15-18% of soluble solid. The edible part accounts for about 78% and the pulp is firm and tender with a little fibre. It tastes sweet with very good qualities. Its mature period is in mid-late July. 
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