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Fruit trees : kiwi fruit,Actinidia sinensis,yangtao,Chinese gooseberry,Actinidia chinensis

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Fruit trees : kiwi fruit,Actinidia sinensis,yangtao,Chinese gooseberry,Actinidia chinensis

Fruit trees : kiwi fruit,Actinidia sinensis,yangtao,Chinese gooseberry,Actinidia chinensis


  • Common Name:kiwi fruit,Actinidia sinensis,yangtao,Chinese gooseberry,Actinidia chinensis
  • Scientific Name:Actinidia chinensis
  • Genus:Actinidia
  • Species:A. chinensis
  • Family:
  • Origin:
  • Season:
  • Varieties:
  • Details:
    Varieties and characteristics of kiwifruit :
  • [1] Red Meat Varieties :
    1. Actinidia chinensis cv.‘Hongyang’ Red Sun Actinidia chinensis
    Species:A. chinensis

    Details:The skin is green, the pulp is jadite color, when you see the intersection surface, the red color is like radial pattern, just like a rising Sun, it is very rare species. The fructescence is 15th August to 10th September. The average weight of single fruit is 87g, Soluble Solid State material is 19.6%---25.6%, Total Sugar is 13.54%, Total Acid is 0.49%,VC content is 135.77mg in 100g fruit pulp. The flavour is excellent. 
  • [2] Green Meat Varieties :
    1. Hayward kiwifruit
    Species:A. deliciosa

    Details:At present is already the world main variety. Fruit width elliptic to broadly oblong, shape is and beautiful, single fruit weighs 80 ~ 100 g, pulp green, sweet and sour moderate, aroma. Total soluble solid content is 12% ~ 18%, the content of Vc 0.48 ~ 1.2 mg/g. Good storage shelf life long. Mature fruit for early November. The early fruit sex, fertility the gender is poorer. Heywood flowering late, fruit large) has been called the world jumbo shape kiwi fruit), fruit surface densely fine silky hair, fruit color than other varieties deep, pulp green, flavor is thick, belong to late varieties, its wide adaptability, fruit flavor and resistance to storage sex is better than other varieties. But in the period of the late, low yield, the tree potential slightly weak, easy generation deadwood, Heywood defect is wind ability is poor, spring planting growth slow.. This variety biggest advantage is shape beauty, good storage shelf life long, with fresh food is given priority to.
  • 2. Actinidia deliciosa cv.‘Xuxiang’
    Species:A. deliciosa

    Details:Cylindrical fruit, pericarp yellow-green, brown hard sting. Single fruit weighs 75 ~ 110 g, the biggest - 137 g. Pulp green, aroma juicy, sweet and sour moderate. The content of Vc 0.99 ~ 1.23 mg/g, total soluble solid content is 15.3% ~ 19.8%. The early fruit sex, fertility sex are optimal sea ward, but storage sex and shelf life less than Heywood. Mature harvest time long, from the end of September to the middle of October.
  • [3] Yellow Meat Varieties :
    1. Actinidia chinensis cv.Huayou
    Species:A. chinensis

    Details:The surface of fruit is bright and clean with little fur, the biological stress is good, the fruit is cylindroid, Soluble Solid State Material is 18% up. The pulp is orange--yellow and flavour is full of aroma.
  • 2. XI XUAN ER HAO(named Yellow Sun)
    Species:A. chinensis

    Details:This variety is yellow pulp kiwi fruit, was found in Qin Ling mountain in 1992. The weight of single fruit on average is 80-130g, oval shape, hazel skin, taste sweat, full of juice and aroma, Resistance to storage and transportation, the soluble solid state material can be 22%.
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