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Fruit trees : Fig

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Fruit trees : Fig

Fruit trees : Fig


  • Common Name:Fig
  • Scientific Name:Ficus carica
  • Genus:Ficus
  • Species:F. carica
  • Family:
  • Origin:
  • Season:
  • Varieties:
  • Details:The common fig is a berry tree, which is a deciduous shrub or tree. It is as high as 12 meters with latex, which is one of the earliest fruit trees cultivated by human beings. It is native to the south of Arabia, and then is widely grown in Syria, Turkey and other places. At present, most of the common figs are cultivated in the countries along the Mediterranean coast.
    Its fruit is thin and seedless, with soft pulp, sweet flavor and strong taste. It is extremely popular in the domestic and international markets. In addition, it has high nutritional value and medicinal value, so it has a high economic, ecological and social benefit to cultivate the common fig. First, the common fig has a high nutritional value. In addition to eating fresh and medicinal use, it can also be made into dried fruit, preserved fruit, jam, juice, fruit tea, fruit wine, drinks, canned fruit, and so on.
    Varieties and characteristics of Ficus carica :
    The common fig is luxuriant, sturdy and vigorous. It has elegant tree state, so it is a good ornamental tree for the park and garden greening. It blooms and yields fruits in the same year, which is one of the best bonsai trees.
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